Bring Your Own Apparel Black & Colored DTG Printing

by Sublimation Pros

Direct To Garment printing with your apparel gives you the ability to print a full range of 16 million colors directly into your white or light shirt.  We can reproduce high quality pictures, detailed graphics and pristine logo’s.  Our printing technology is optimized to keep prices low and quality high.  When you run your hand over your shirt you will not feel the ink.  Your design won’t crack and will never peel over time.  Order one shirt or dozens and be guaranteed of the same great price.

Important Things To Know:

  • Apparel: When purchasing your apparel, always provide us with additional garments.  Example: If you are ordering a 10 piece run, you should provide at least 12 garments.  If you garment isn't an industry standard shirt made for garment decorating, we will have to use one of your garments to fine tune the printed image.  
  • Damages:  Occasionally, apparel is damage in production.  If this happens, we will use one of the extra garments that was provided.  If we don't have a matching size, we will contact you for a replacement.  Please note, Sublimation Pros will not be held responsible for any damaged garments.  You will not be reimbursed for the lost garment.  Customer assumes all responsibility when providing their own garments.  If this is unacceptable, please leave this item and select one of our DTG garments.